About ThirdA

This is about us

Welcome to Thirda Academy. ThirdA is an online ecosystem for ‘creators’ and anyone who wants get or/and share knowledge for free or via payment aiming in the Life Long Learning of the 3rd Age.

ThirdA and its embedded artificial intelligence middleware initiates human-like (smart Bots) interactions to help the Seniors stay active, in touch with their students or their instructors— and stay connected with the outside world.

ThirdA is designed to help seniors live happier, healthier lives. It is being viewed as the big disruptor that will allow them to achieve new goals. Every valid registered user can become either a learner or an Instructor.

The objective is for older adults in Europe to live independently and actively for longer, through continuous learning and occupation, in conditions enabling them to continue contributing to the European society and economy.

Practically, we expect users to satisfy their thirst for knowledge, achieve personal fulfillment, use their experience and increase their income, build new bonds, stay active, find meaning in their lives, adapt to change or develop new skills, improve health and well-being in later life, foster a sense of belonging to a group (albeit virtual), improve self-esteem, and help address social isolation among older adults