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 The live, food-centric interactive video platform gives users the ability to direct, produce and host their own food shows. Viewers can then watch and interact with everyone from chefs to brewmasters web channels.
"People care a lot about the foods that inspire them — they get excited about it. "But they want to hear the stories behind that food.
Nom springs from a big year for live streaming. Fueled by the popularity of Periscope and Meerkat, many are increasingly jumping into the live streaming space to attract younger users and capitalize on the rise of the live format.
Food, too, has become a popular genre across all video platforms.
On Facebook, the list of top video producers is made up of food-related channels. On YouTube, a search for "cooking" garners 10.4 million results — including videos from chef Gordon Ramsay.
Still, we hopes to differentiate ourselves by pushing its interactive component on live streaming, users reportedly watch live video for three times longer than recorded video.
"While there are certainly food-focused content out there on the web and on TV, most of this content need to weave through many layers of editing before it reaches the viewer. "We put you as close as you could possibly be with a chef; you are right there, receiving the live feed of the chef talking in his kitchen. Chefs love to have that control and power to control the message they want to deliver."

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